Global Girl Child Youth Initiative (GGCYI-UGANDA)

Has been operating and carrying out Charity Activities in Uganda since 2011. The organisation’s work is guided by the National Development Plan and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Global Girl Child Youth Initiative works with key stakeholders that include children, civil society organisations, communities, donors, the Government and the media in contributing to the realisation of girls, women youth and children’s rights.

Global Girl Child Youth Initiative (GGCYI)-Uganda is an organization that entails Effective coordination of institutional capacity for humanitarian and social services delivery at all levels of Government in Uganda, reduce vulnerability and promote social inclusiveness, promote gender equality, empowerment and effective mainstreaming of gender issues, Poverty reduction of communities focusing on women, youth, girls and marginalized groups. Others include Enhancement of social mobilization and community participation in development, Raise awareness and address the social and humanitarian dimension of HIV/AIDS, Equip girls and women with health care information to enable them acquire alternative and safer ways of survival and empowerment for community transformation, Facilitate the reintegration of returnees (IDPs), Refugees, Migration, Ex-combatants and coordinate basic service delivery especially for girls and women, Promote peace building, build sustainable process for conflict resolution, conflict prevention at community level to disseminate appropriate laws and Integrate Innovative, Developmental, and Evidenced Based Research Promoting Human Rights Advocacy, Justice and Environmental Conservations and Documentation of issues pertaining to Girls, Youth, Women, IDPs, Refugees and Aged

We are a dedicated team that works together toward achieving our shared goals, but our successes depend also on the efforts of the many young people, teachers, community leaders, civil society workers, village health workers, and partnerships with whom we work hand-in-hand.

Currently, we work in West Nile and Northern districts of Uganda in the thematic areas of Basic Education, Child Protection, Child Rights Governance, Child Poverty and Health and Nutrition.

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