Health focuses on childhood development, early learning, special needs education for children and PWDs, formal and non-formal education for the youth, vocational training and skills development, and adult literacy in rural and urban slum populations.

Every child goes through a remarkable series of physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. The Early Childhood Development (ECD) approach is based on the fact that little children respond best when caregivers use definite methods designed to promote and stimulate advancement to the subsequent level of growth and change.

The purpose of our Early Childhood Development programs is to deliver services to young children and to train care-takers of children and community tutors in Early Childhood Development methods. Early Childhood Development programs incorporate educating and supporting parents, delivering services to children, developing competence of caregivers and teachers, and using mass communications to improve parents and caregiver’s knowledge and practices. The programs for children are either centre or home-based, formal or non-formal, and contain parents’ education.